B&N Holiday Omnichannel Creative Strategy
This concept creates a copacetic approach to all visual experiences in stores (signage, posters, digital signage, gift wrap, shopping bags, gift cards, and cash wraps) and online (dotcom, email, affiliate ads, social media, and mobile apps). The idea is to have an illustrated kit-of-parts to be used by the design team to create all marketing assets. The modular approach gives the designers endless opportunities to refresh assets while maintaining brand integrity. It also enables composite artwork for products in cases where photography isn't available.
The mixed media illustrations depict whimsical characters and village artwork which reimagines Barnes & Noble's Bookville, a recurrent theme used over the past 20 years. The modern styling of the new vectorized Bookville is easily usable in print and digital projects.
Creative direction, art direction, concept and design by me, Jeanette Rodriguez, exclusively for Barnes & Noble. Digital design and animation: Maria Arias. Illustrator: Alexander Vidal.

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