The Suzhou Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art, ancient Chinese paintings, calligraphies, and hand-made crafts, situated in Suzhou, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China. The Suzhou Museum was designed by famed Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei, in association with Pei Partnership Architects. Construction of this building started in 2002. It was inaugurated on October 6, 2006.

My role in this project was design for Logo, Branding, and Identity Development, as well as Environmental Graphics.
Ink and Pixel for Tracy Turner Design, Pei Partnership, Suzhou Museum
Museum Entrance Sign
Banner and Signage
Gift Shop Merchandise
Website UI Design
Stationery, Business Cards, Tablet UI, Flash Drive, and Press Kit
Suzhou Museum Logo
Logomark Concept
The logo is inspired by the lines of the architectural elevation of the entrance court and the linear pattern
of white stucco and grey tile that is so evocative of the City of Suzhou.
Suzhou Identity Color Palette
Type Style and Designer's Font Sets

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